Zach Comstock – Owner/President (The Commish)

They say if you love your job you never work a day in your life. Well, to an extent this is what was expected in order to satisfy that creed. While I don’t claim to have found the fountain of youth, I have found an occupation that covers my love for sports and activity. From a young age I wasn’t allowed to play inside. I was told to take it outside and through sports I was able to find a creative mind and love for all things active. This love of sports has led me to many triumphs and pitfalls throughout my life, but with WASA I have found the right combination of sport and social interaction. We forget about the fun of being a kid when we become adults and I hope to bring this back to all of the Denver community and beyond. Go forth and kick some balls… I mean play some Kickball!!!


Nate Baldwin– Founder and Godfather of WASA

Nate started WASA back in 2003 with the dream of starting a new kind of sports league where everyone, regardless of talent, could participate and be themselves. He wanted to offer a league that allows participants to play simply for the joy of playing, just like most of us did when we were kids. Nate created a league that allows its participants to have fun, be social, and allow everyone to participate. WASA today continues to thrive and continues to follow Nate’s vision. In the middle of 2012, Nate and his family moved back to his home state of Wisconsin. He may be a thousand miles from Colorado, but he will always be the Godfather of WASA.


Sean Harding – Co-Owner and Treasurer

Sean purchased WASA in December 2011 with Zach, to help carry on the vision of WASA. Sean and Zach started the flag football leagues offered by WASA in 2009. Sean has been participating in WASA sports since spring of 2007. Sean has actively been involved in intramural sports for several years now, and he continues to be involved in the community. Sean works behind the scenes as Treasurer. Sean’s full-time job and full-time family keep him occupied, but he still finds time to keep active with WASA. Sean is a firm believer in helping WASA grow and spreading the WASA love across Denver and Colorado.