The Story of the Golden Keg…

Golden KegEach spring, and each fall…. hundreds of participants take to the kickball battlefields with one goal in mind… to hoist the coveted Golden Keg at the end of the season! But alas, only one team each season is lucky enough to sign their names to the golden beacon of kickball success.

“The Keg”, as it is called, comes from humble beginnings in the refrigerated shelves of West Side Liquors in Littleton in the year 2003. Like Clark Kent, the keg appeared to be an ordinary mini keg of Warsteiner. But once empty, and with a carefully applied coat of Rustoleum Spray Enamel (color: Gold Fleck), the keg took on it’s Superman persona as the kickball trophy that most teams may only dream of holding.

15 years later, with many loving dents, or “character wrinkles”, as I like to call them, “The Keg” has a maximum resale value of $0.16, but it’s real value is that it is still the centerpiece of the WASA kickball year. It’s off season travels showcase it’s importance in our national culture.


The Latest Golden Keg / Toilet Bowl Champions…

Danger Ponies – Golden Keg Champs Fall 2022

Ur Pitch Makes My Kick Hard – Toilet Bowl Champs Fall 2022

Danger Ponies – Golden Keg Champs Spring 2022

ELEVATE THIS! – Toilet Bowl Champs Spring 2022

Danger Ponies – Golden Keg Champs Fall 2021

Ur Pitch Makes my Kick Hard – Toilet Bowl Champs Fall 2021

NW West Denver – Golden Keg Champs Spring 2021

It ain’t Gonna Kick Itself – Golden Toilet Bowl Champs Spring 2021

Danger Ponies – Golden Keg Champs Fall 2019

PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE – Golden Keg Champs Spring 2019

Pitches Be Crazy – Toilet Bowl Champs Spring 2019


Danger Ponies – Fall 2018!

Wasted Potential – TOILET BOWL CHAMPS – Fall 2018

 PRESTIGE WORLDWIDE! Golden Keg Champs – Spring 2018!


Its a Kick in a Box – Fall 2017!


Game Over (5 Peat) – Spring 2017!

Game Over – Fall 2016!


Game Over – Spring 2016!


Game Over – Fall 2015!

 Game Over fall 2016

Game Over – Spring 2015!


Yesterday’s Omelets Lack Originality – Fall 2014!


Mile High Bootleggers – Spring 2014!


Kickers With A Drinking Problem – Fall 2013!


Kickers With A Drinking Problem – Spring 2013!

Drinkers With a Kicking Problem1

Kickers With A Drinking Problem – Fall 2012!

Kickers with a drinking problem (golden keg winners)