Western Alternative Sports Association (WASA)


WASA was born in Denver, Colorado in the fall of 2003 with just 4 adult kickball teams competing for the coveted “Golden Keg”. What started as a fun, social way for a bunch of friends to unwind from the daily stresses of adult life quickly turned into a year round beacon of hope for all adults who longed for the simpler days of their youth!

We offer adult sports you haven’t had a chance to play since grade school recess! Kickball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee… and much more! Since 2003, the mass appeal and simple fun of WASA’s adult leagues has created a HUGE and loyal following, with nearly 300 teams and over 4500 participants taking to the fields each year!

With WASA, it’s not important who wins or loses and athletic ability is optional!

The WASA Mission:
To provide co-ed intramural and social alternative sports leagues to players of all types and abilities, and to allow its participants a way to escape to feel like a kid again. WASA offers non-competitive kickball, dodgeball, flag football, and other alternative sports leagues and unique annual events where anyone can participate.

So what are you waiting for??? Register for a league with your friends, colleagues and co-workers today!